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Stack is a thought leadership platform for science, technology, and innovation.

In 1936, four mischievous graduate students from Caltech drove to the San Gabriel Mountains in California to test a rocket made out of cheap engine parts.

They tried to make four test fires that day. They failed on each. On the fourth attempt, they even set fire to their oxygen line. They tried again the following month, and their rocket experiment finally worked.

This was the beginning of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Over time, JPL helped launch Explorer 1, America’s first satellite, and eventually, the Voyager program. The Voyager space probes brought us our first look into the other planets of the solar system.

The Space Age wouldn’t have been possible if not for the courageous and pioneering spirit of the early rocket scientists of the 20th century. But they faced constant ridicule. People scoffed at them. Rockets in those days were associated with really bad science fiction films – more fantasy than reality.

Big dreams, scrappiness, failure, persistence, public ridicule – all these have been constant themes in the history of innovation.

Stack’s mission is to chronicle the innovations of our time.

Building the innovation economy in the Philippines is more important than ever. Witness the development trajectories of our neighbors, from Japan and South Korea, to Singapore and Malaysia. None of them made the leap from third world to first without heavily investing in technology-based industries.

Our goal is to build the digital economy by helping inform, educate, and empower our leaders with data-driven analysis of the biggest problems the Philippines and emerging markets face.

Right now, the Philippines is like those four Caltech students: ambitious, scrappy, with a rocket-load of challenges along our path. And that’s a great thing, for innovation starts with that tiny spark of rebelliousness.